• Family Law Solicitors in Louth
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    Family Law Solicitors in Louth

    Dealing with legal family matters will always be a sensitive issue, regardless of the situation. No family wants to be involved in a legal dispute for a prolonged period of time, such as custody or guardianship, divorce or civil partnership dissolution, or safety orders. For all parties involved, it’s ideal to get the best agreement, but ultimately to prioritise the safety and needs of vulnerable family members.

    At Catherine Fee Solicitors, we want to make all family law matters go smoothly with minimal friction. We promise a progressive and understanding environment for all involved combined with a streamlined legal process that resolves all matters as soon as possible.


    Family Law Solicitors

    Catherine Fee Solicitors have been engaging in cases of family law for many years. As family law solicitors, we deal with a wide range of issues concerning divorce, custody of children, maintenance, child welfare applications and matters of protection barring and safety orders. Some of these matters can vary in length, and as a result, we tailor our services to make sure each party remains comfortable enough throughout the whole process so that the best agreement is reached.


    Personalised Approach to Family Law

    With the numerous moving parts in any family law legal matter, it’s fair to say that no two cases will be the same. This means that we cannot simply rehash previous cases, and we are determined to make sure every family’s case is personally tailored for their specific circumstances. We look into your family’s legal history and background to determine what the best practice is for an upcoming case, as well as maintain frequent correspondence in case certain details change while the case is in progress. We promise to give your family the utmost care and attention, while still providing a high level of expertise and knowledge when it comes to resolving family law issues.


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    Stress-free Wills & Probate Services

    Losing a loved one is never easy, and the grieving process can be hampered by funeral arrangements, planning and repatriation. If the funeral is unexpected, this can cause even more issues regarding finances and documentation. One huge source of worry is the matter of the deceased’s will and whether one was made before the passing.

    At Catherine Fee Solicitors, we have no desire to make the grieving process more stressful for you and want to help you in all manner of probate and will issues, no matter what happened prior to the passing. We ensure that if you have a will, we carry out the instructions to take care of your loved ones, and in the absence of a will, make sure all loose ends are tied up.

    Cost of Making a Will

    Naturally, the cost of making a will depends on the person and the assistance they require. At Catherine Fee Solicitors, we aim to help prepare the will from the taxation and legal point of view in the most practical way possible. Making your own will in the absence of a solicitor is an option, but we promise to be a safeguard and help you avoid any pitfalls with the documentation when you have passed away. We promise to provide you with a fair price for our services and are happy to discuss it with you over the phone or by email.

    Wills & Probate Louth

    Catherine Fee Solicitors is the number one choice for Wills & Probate in Louth, and we promise to make the process less overwhelming in all cases. In the case of a prepared will, we will take care of acquiring a Grant of Probate or a Grant of Letters of Administration in the absence of one. Our goal is to make sure your loved ones are adequately cared for upon your passing and assets are split between benefactors according to your wishes.

    Other Probate Service

    We also provide other probate services such as Wardship and Contesting a Will. We keep in constant contact after completing a will to ensure you are happy with the details as time goes on. It’s essential to maintain your will as frequently as possible so that the results are as accurate as possible when you pass.


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  • Personal Injury Solicitor
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    Why You Should Contact a Personal Injury Solicitor

    If you’ve been involved in a personal injury, you might think seeing a solicitor isn’t worth the hassle. Sometimes you might feel that your accident may not have been impactful or dangerous enough to warrant compensation, or maybe the thought of going through mountains of paperwork dissuades you. The actual truth is that you might find that your claim is valid and that the necessary process to get compensation doesn’t need to be daunting.

    At Catherine Fee Solicitors, we listen to all clients regardless of what accident may have occurred and are happy to take care of most of the busy work to get your compensation.

    Personal Injury Solicitors

    As a firm made up of welcoming and accessible personal injury solicitors, we strive to give all clients the same level of care no matter what injury or situation they may have experienced. It’s essential to create a safe and understanding environment before discussing claims or compensation. The more information you give us, the better, and it helps us build a better case if a claim is valid.

    Personal Injury Evidence

    If possible, please provide us with as much detail as possible. If involved in a car accident, specific information about the accident, injuries and hospital treatment details, and the contact details or registration plate of the other party involved would help. If the personal injury resulted from a workplace incident, information on the work environment and employer would be hugely beneficial, and potential CCTV footage could be used in a claim. Each piece of personal injury evidence you provide helps build a better case.

    Personal Injury Claims Ireland

    For personal injury claims in Ireland, all claims must go through the Injuries Board and this usually involves a lot of paperwork and documentation to fill out. We want to make this process as easy and streamlined as possible for you to feel like there are fewer obstacles between you and possible compensation. We help collect all pieces of evidence to help build up your claim and process all communications with third parties and insurers, and the Injuries Board. Hopefully, we should be able to get you the compensation you deserve.


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  • Road Traffic Accident
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    What to do Following a Road Traffic Accident

    Unfortunately, road traffic accidents remain all too common on Irish roads. According to the Road Safety Authority, 7 people lost their lives on Louth roads in 2021. While this is still an unacceptably high number, perhaps we can take some solace in the fact it represents a slight drop in the number of road deaths in Louth when compared to 2020.
    The vast majority of road traffic accidents don’t lead to fatalities however they can lead to personal injuries that can put a serious financial strain on an injured person, due to medical bills or a loss of earnings while recuperating. That’s not to mention the mental toll the accident and the recovery process can put on a person.
    Because road traffic collisions remain so common, every driver or passenger must know what to do following an accident.


    Immediately After the Accident


    In the immediate aftermath of the collision, it’s extremely important to follow some basic checks.

    After the accident:

    - Stop the car as soon as it’s possible to do so. It is a criminal offence to not stop following a car accident. 
    - Make sure you and your passengers are safe and unhurt. It’s recommended to take a few deep breaths to try and keep yourself calm. Shock can nullify pain so you may have an injury that you can’t feel therefore take a few minutes before you begin moving around
    - You should not admit fault on the scene, apologise or even discuss the accident, fault is something that can be ascertained later


    The Information that should be collected at the scene of the accident


    Only after seeking medical attention for injuries or after calling 999, should you go ahead and collect some vital information at the scene of the accident.
    The information that should be gathered includes:

    - The registration and insurance company information from the other vehicle(s) involved in the accident
    - Get the name and contact information of the other driver(s) involved in the accident
    - If emergency service personal like Gardai/Ambulance team attend the scene, try and get their names and contact information
    - Use your phone to take pictures of any injuries you sustained
    - Take pictures of any damage to your vehicle from a variety of angles
    - Make sure to get access to any CCTV footage that may have captured the incident. Local shops may have cameras outsides or a nearby vehicle may have dashcam footage
    - Take a note of the time and date of the accident


    What to do after the road traffic accident?


    Visit your nearest Gardaí station and request that a Gardaí take the details of the accident. If the road traffic accident was considered minor, the Gardai may not attend the scene. However, it’s important that you have a Gardai take your accident statement.
    You should also inform your own insurance company about the accident so they have a record of the incident.
    Finally, you should speak to a road traffic accident solicitor like Catherine Fee & Company. Our expert legal team will be able to advise you if perusing a personal injury claim is in your best interests. We’ll also be able to answer any legal questions you may have.

    Remember being involved in a road traffic accident – however minor – can still lead to injuries and mental distress. Therefore the most important thing to do following an accident is to seek medical attention.
    If you have any further questions on the legal ramifications of pursuing a personal injury claim following a road traffic accident get in contact with Catherine Fee & Co today.


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