Family Law Solicitors in Louth

Family Law Solicitors in Louth

Dealing with legal family matters will always be a sensitive issue, regardless of the situation. No family wants to be involved in a legal dispute for a prolonged period of time, such as custody or guardianship, divorce or civil partnership dissolution, or safety orders. For all parties involved, it’s ideal to get the best agreement, but ultimately to prioritise the safety and needs of vulnerable family members.

At Catherine Fee Solicitors, we want to make all family law matters go smoothly with minimal friction. We promise a progressive and understanding environment for all involved combined with a streamlined legal process that resolves all matters as soon as possible.


Family Law Solicitors

Catherine Fee Solicitors have been engaging in cases of family law for many years. As family law solicitors, we deal with a wide range of issues concerning divorce, custody of children, maintenance, child welfare applications and matters of protection barring and safety orders. Some of these matters can vary in length, and as a result, we tailor our services to make sure each party remains comfortable enough throughout the whole process so that the best agreement is reached.


Personalised Approach to Family Law

With the numerous moving parts in any family law legal matter, it’s fair to say that no two cases will be the same. This means that we cannot simply rehash previous cases, and we are determined to make sure every family’s case is personally tailored for their specific circumstances. We look into your family’s legal history and background to determine what the best practice is for an upcoming case, as well as maintain frequent correspondence in case certain details change while the case is in progress. We promise to give your family the utmost care and attention, while still providing a high level of expertise and knowledge when it comes to resolving family law issues.



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