Stress-free Wills & Probate Services

Losing a loved one is never easy, and the grieving process can be hampered by funeral arrangements, planning and repatriation. If the funeral is unexpected, this can cause even more issues regarding finances and documentation. One huge source of worry is the matter of the deceased’s will and whether one was made before the passing.

At Catherine Fee Solicitors, we have no desire to make the grieving process more stressful for you and want to help you in all manner of probate and will issues, no matter what happened prior to the passing. We ensure that if you have a will, we carry out the instructions to take care of your loved ones, and in the absence of a will, make sure all loose ends are tied up.

Cost of Making a Will

Naturally, the cost of making a will depends on the person and the assistance they require. At Catherine Fee Solicitors, we aim to help prepare the will from the taxation and legal point of view in the most practical way possible. Making your own will in the absence of a solicitor is an option, but we promise to be a safeguard and help you avoid any pitfalls with the documentation when you have passed away. We promise to provide you with a fair price for our services and are happy to discuss it with you over the phone or by email.

Wills & Probate Louth

Catherine Fee Solicitors is the number one choice for Wills & Probate in Louth, and we promise to make the process less overwhelming in all cases. In the case of a prepared will, we will take care of acquiring a Grant of Probate or a Grant of Letters of Administration in the absence of one. Our goal is to make sure your loved ones are adequately cared for upon your passing and assets are split between benefactors according to your wishes.

Other Probate Service

We also provide other probate services such as Wardship and Contesting a Will. We keep in constant contact after completing a will to ensure you are happy with the details as time goes on. It’s essential to maintain your will as frequently as possible so that the results are as accurate as possible when you pass.



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